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Call it the North Fork’s land of superlatives. Cutchogue boasts the oldest English-style house in New York. Its residents have long maintained it to be the sunniest place in the state. It’s home to the oldest vineyard in what’s become one of the more renowned wine regions in the U.S. And, the smartest man who ever lived, Albert Einstein, used to summer there. Einstein. 

Geniuses pick Cutchogue. It’s easy to see why.


The hamlet is bordered by an ecologically rich network of creeks, coves and bay beaches to the south, and the bluffs of the Long Island Sound to the north. Tracts of brown, green, and yellow farmland — depending on the crop and the season — run back and forth between the shores in a tapestry mostly devoid of the randomly placed subdivisions that mar other blocks of East End farm country.


Most homes and neighborhoods are found on the hamlet’s southern side, and Cutchogue’s enlightened inhabitants help make for the state’s most active public library — by way of circulation collections. The postcard-worthy Cutchogue-New Suffolk Free Library is located in a former church building and welcomes visitors from the west to a business district that’s small enough to populate with a troupe of Truman Show-style actors, yet large enough to offer all the basics of necessities: a deli, drugstore, barbershop, hardware store, ice cream shop, dentists, even the headquarters of the local political party.


Right outside the hamlet center is a supermarket and other stores, so there’s no reason to venture too far.

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Downs Farm Preserve, Wickham’s Fruit Farm, Fisherman Beach

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The Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historic Council, Cedars Golf Club, Touch of Venice restaurant, Pellegrini Vineyards

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