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Learn how to get the most out of the Real Estate section of this site.

Works on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile!


Did you know our site is optimized for all screen sizes? Yup, you can browse listings, contact agents, get mortgage rates and more all from your tablet or phone without having to download a separate app!

Searching and Exploring

Searching is super fast and easy. Start by choosing the Sales or Rentals tab and clicking Search to see everything in the area. Or, enter an address, city, neighborhood, or zipcode; select your price range and number of bedrooms and bathrooms; choose additional filters... and click Search to see narrowed results.

Click Happy Property Pages!


Our property pages are full of the stuff that matters most. Photos, detailed info & features, mortgage estimates and built in sharing to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more!

You can easily explore similar listings by clicking an attribute within a listing, like price, location, zip code, year built and property features. No need to do another search... just keep clicking!

Just look for blue links or buttons like these on any listing page:

Contact Agents and Property Owners

Contact Form

With built in contact forms on every listing you can quickly and easily get in touch with property owners. Just enter your name, email and a short message, then hit send!

In a hurry? The agent's phone number can also be found here as well as a link to see all of their current listings on the site.

Agent & Brokerage Pages

Just click on the "See all my listings" link next to any agent's name to see all of their current listings and contact information.

Also check out all of a brokerage company's listings by clicking on the company name on a property or agent page.

Saving and Sharing

Save your favorite homes to "My Saved Listings" where you can email them to family, friends, your broker or yourself.

Just click the Save Listing button to add a property to your collection.

Click the "My Saved Listings" link on the top right of the page to share, review and edit your collection.

Contact Form
Email Your Saved Listings

Mortgage Rates & Quotes

Get live mortgage rates for your dream home in an instant with our custom mortgage calculator. Just click the "Estimated Mortgage" link under the price on any listing page to instantly get quotes from the top lenders in your area! Or for quick estimates use our mini mortgage calculator found on the main page and search results.

Live estimates on every listing!
Quick mortgage calculator

Adding & Featuring a Listing

When you add a listing on our site you get a beautiful, well-organized listing that works across pc, tablet and mobile. Our listings feature multiple photos, a contact form for real leads with protection against spam, an estimated mortgage rate for your listing, a street map and the ability to share your listing through social networks like facebook and twitter.

featured listings

Featured Listings

  • Property featured on site home page
  • Property featured on main page of the Real Estate marketplace
  • Property featured at the top of related search results

Popular Searches and Trending Listings

Popular and Trending
Popular and Trending

Using the most frequent combination of search criteria, our popular searches feature is a quick and easy way to explore homes in the most popular areas and price ranges.

Trending listings are the most viewed properties on the site. They are featured on the main page and also have a red Trending banner when appearing in search results.

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